Jus Beginners Youth Training was established in 2014 to help our youth become better athletes in addition to providing them with a structured & safe environment so that they can have opportunities and outlets to lead outstanding lives.

I understand that there are distractions in the world we live in, and through our organization, we look to instill morals, values, hard work and dedication so that our youth are prepared not only in sports, but also prepared to be both mentally and socially strong as they develop into adulthood.

As a Coach, CEO & Father, I am very active with youth leagues along with weekly and daily training sessions where you can feel and see the Marine Corp come out, where I served for 12 years. I am very passionate in what I do and through youth sports, am able to positively impact my community and the people within it.


I created this program in honor of my nephew Eric Forbes who passed away on October 13th 2013. Although he’s physically gone, his radiant smile and beautiful presence is still felt everyday. I had the honor of being his guardian for six years of his life and enjoyed every minute. He was active in many sports and excelled as a football player in Acworth and Paulding County Georgia and I like to think I had a huge part to play in his overall development. Not a day goes by where he isn’t missed, and through Jus Beginners Youth Training he will NEVER be forgotten. I Promise.

Mentorship is a consistent commitment. It’s a promise to those who unfortunately live without. I too know what it feels like not to have a strong male presence around the house to assist me through my life’s struggles, and refuse to leave any child I’m blessed to touch behind. In achieving my bachelor’s in Communication and furthering my studies by joining the Master’s program through Cal State East Bay, I look to be even more effective in my abilities as a mentor, and even more so a man of color.


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